Computing Is Broken and How to Fix It

Computing is broken, but what will it take to fix it? More than you might think.

Another Reason to Hate Patents

If you didn't have enough reasons to hate patents, here is another.

Head in the Hurricane: Securing a Web Server

I recently started managing my own server, and I made a few security mistakes. This post contains the lessons I learned.

Liberty vs. Security

If someone offers a choice between liberty and security, he does not have your interests at heart. This is why.

Designing the Hundred-Year Language

Paul Graham says that we could design the Hundred-Year language now. Let's give it a shot.

Designing a Type System

There are 8 questions that must be answered to design a good type system. In this post, I attempt to do just that.

What Makes a Good Law?

In this post, I attempt to answer the question in the title in a simple way that anyone could understand and apply.

The King's Paradox

Every king needs to decide whether he wants to be powerful among his people or powerful among nations. This is what that means.

What Yzena Is

I have mentioned Yzena a few times; I should probably tell you what it is.

Free Speech and Pronouns

Transgender people demand others use their preferred pronoun. When they do, they are trying to remove the right to free speech, and thus, they are authoritarian.