Save the Children

Facebook censored the Save the Children movement. And I got angry.

Virtue Will Kill Slavery

Operation Underground Railroad is trying to stop slavery. This is how we can help by reducing the demand.

How Congress Can Prove Itself

SCOTUS decided half of Oklahoma doesn't exist because Congress made a mistake. Fixing that mistake would be a great way to prove themselves.

Political Slavery

This video is about the biggest problem in the United States, a problem at the root of many other problems, and how we can fix it.

In Honor of the Children

This is a video about some of the real fruits of the Black Lives Matter movement, honoring their victims.

Obeying the Law

These are my thoughts on obeying laws, good or bad.

Decentralizing the Internet and Other Ideas

I have a lot of ideas, and I want to see most of them happen. I can't do it all, so here is all you need to steal my ideas. Except skill. I can't help with that.

Testing the Feasibility of Hardware Pipes

In my "Computing Is Broken" post, I suggested the possibility of implementing a fast microkernel if the hardware had the capability of passing data between process itself. In this post, I crudely test that theory.