How to Change a Society

Do you want to change society for the better? Have you wondered how to do it? This is how.

Counting Words in C with Yc

Ben Hoyt compared programming languages, and the only language without a hashmap was C. Let's see how a hashmap in C would actually do.

My First Programs

I thought that I would share the first programs I ever wrote with the world.

A dc Script for Easter

Someone reported a bug with my dc. The script that found the bug was so fascinating, I decided to share it, along with some tips for reading and debugging dc code.

Lessons Learned as a User 2: Eat Your Own Dog Food

In this second post in an ad-hoc series, I talk about why eating your own dog food is so important.

Lessons Learned as a User 1: Ease Matters

In this first post in an ad-hoc series, I talk about why making things easy for users matters.

Setting Aside an Idea: Decentralized Identities

I wrote about an idea about 9 months ago. This is how I found out the idea won't work.

A Letter to Utah Governor Spencer Cox

This is a letter I wrote to Spencer Cox, the current Utah Governor, responding to comments he made in a Q&A on March 24.

A Letter to Lehi City Councilwoman Paige Albrecht

This is a letter I wrote to Paige Albrecht, a councilwoman in the Lehi, UT city council.