How to Fund FOSS, Save It from the CRA, and Improve Cybersecurity

The CRA may kill Open Source. But what if I told you that there is a way to not only save FOSS, but fund it, while still improving cybersecurity, would you believe me?

He Who Gives Up Correctness for Performance Deserves Neither

Someone was wrong on the Internet about correctness vs performance, and I decided to vent.

Lessons Learned as a User 3: Prepare for the Future

In this third post in an ad-hoc series, I talk about why preparing for the future is critical to the survival of software.

The Scourge of 00UB

Compiler authors claim that the possibility of UB is a license to kill. They are wrong. They are not James Bond.

I Have Blocked OpenAI

OpenAI published info about its spider. I blocked it. This is why.

I Have Split My Blog

People were demanding I split my blog between personal and professional posts. I did so, and this is why.

How Yzena Versions Software

This is the versioning scheme for Yzena software, especially for the Yc monorepo.

How I Made a Monorepo

A long time ago, I made a monorepo out of several Git repos. This post is my attempt to describe what I did for future generations.