Boycotting Petty Tyrant Businesses

I am sick of kowtowing to the tyranny of stupidity. So I am going to name and boycott petty tyrant businesses.

Rust, Zig, and the Futility of "Replacing" C

There was a recent argument about the Python Cryptography library switching to Rust. Who was at fault?

Adventures in Backing Up Data with ZFS

I use ZFS as my filesystem. This is the story of how I set up remote backups with it.

Dynamic Linking Needs to Die

Dynamic linking is the best thing since the pocket in the pita, right? Wrong. This is why it is a tool of Satan and needs to die.

Testing the Feasibility of Hardware Pipes 2: Exploring Designs

In my "Computing Is Broken" post, I suggested the possibility of implementing a fast microkernel if the hardware had the capability of passing data between process itself. In "Testing the Feasibility of Hardware Pipes", I crudely tested that theory. In this post, I go a few steps further.

My Development Environment and How I Got There

After someone else put up a blog post about the state of debuggers on Linux, I thought I would show how I do it.

Doing Classics Right

I do not like classical music or classics like Shakespeare. The reason is that people do classics wrong.

Great Truths 1: The Ends Never Justify the Means

In this episode of the Great Truths Podcast, I will expose the lie behind the saying "the ends justify the means."