Build System Schism: The Curse of Meta Build Systems

In which I talk about why meta build systems are forever cursed to remain hobbled throughout eternity.

How Yzena Versions Software and Interfaces

This is the versioning scheme for Yzena software, especially for the Yc monorepo.

Version Interfaces, Not Implementations

In which I steal the thunder of a smart man and write a blog post for him showing that we should not version implementations, but interfaces.

No, Tech Debt Is Not Malpractice

So the Changelog podcast had some critiques of my description of tech debt, and I have a critique of their critique.

Is "Source Available" Really That Bad?

In which I argue that Source Available Modifiable Software still respects end users.

Code Is Not Technical Debt

Someone is wrong on the Internet; he said that all code is technical debt, and I refute that.

Am I a Good C Programmer?

Daniel Stenberg compared his C programming against the average, so I thought I would do the same.

A Decade of Developing a Programming Language: A Response Response

Two people wrote posts about developing programming languages for a decade. I did too, so I wrote one of my own.

How to Fund FOSS, Save It from the CRA, and Improve Cybersecurity

The CRA may kill Open Source. But what if I told you that there is a way to not only save FOSS, but fund it, while still improving cybersecurity, would you believe me?