Testing the Feasibility of Hardware Pipes 2: Exploring Designs

In my "Computing Is Broken" post, I suggested the possibility of implementing a fast microkernel if the hardware had the capability of passing data between process itself. In "Testing the Feasibility of Hardware Pipes", I crudely tested that theory. In this post, I go a few steps further.

My Development Environment and How I Got There

After someone else put up a blog post about the state of debuggers on Linux, I thought I would show how I do it.

Doing Classics Right

I do not like classical music or classics like Shakespeare. The reason is that people do classics wrong.

Great Truths 1: The Ends Never Justify the Means

In this episode of the Great Truths Podcast, I will expose the lie behind the saying "the ends justify the means."

Following Experts Blindly Is Bad

Blindly following experts is a great way to cause problems for yourself. This is why.

Executive Agencies Cannot Make Laws

There are two sets of laws in the United States. This is why that is ridiculous.

Forget the News; Use the Scriptures

Today's news media institutions are not trustworthy. Instead of listening to them, study the prophecies.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ Is Inclusive

I hate the word inclusion because people use it to excuse themselves for hating others they deem non-inclusive. But the Gospel of Jesus Christ is truly inclusive. This is why.