Make the Leap Second First-Class: An Open Letter to the International Telecommunication Union

The CGPM voted to do away with the leap second. That's a mistake. Here's what I think we should do instead.

A Git Sin: Re-Signing an Entire Git Repo

For legal reasons, I needed to re-sign all commits in a few Git repos with a new key. This is how I did that.

My Code Conquered Another OS!

I had code accepted into the default of FreeBSD a while ago. That code was accepted into another OS, and I want to celebrate!

Dispelling AI Myths and Rhetoric

There are big interests pretending that AI is an unmitigated good when it's anything but. In this post, I try to dispel the hype.

Windows Will Die: 90 Minutes to Do 5 Minutes of Work

Poor performance means poor productivity means jumping ship. So let's speed up the process by removing barriers.

Grounded for Life: Losing the Dream of Flight

I have been grounded for life by the FAA for a history of mental illness. In this post, I explain why they were right and why I would still have been safe, as well as attempt to get closure from losing a dream.

The Importance of Courage and Confidence: More Lessons from Animes and Mangas

A random YouTube click led to anime, which then led to me learning more about important principles.