lobste.rs Will Become an Echo Chamber

I was banned from lobste.rs. This is why that happened and why I think Hacker News is better run.

I Believe Zig Has Function Colors

Proponents of Zig claim that it does not have function colors. In this post, I attempt prove that it does.

I Am a Fool: First Adventures in Multi-Threading

I was stupid and thought there was a bug in musl and glibc. The bug was my stupidity.

Goodbye, Kitty

The author of the Kitty terminal won't support terminal multiplexers like tmux. I need tmux more than I need Kitty.

The Law of Strict Licenses

From a Hacker News comment to a blog post, here is a pithy saying that might be considered a tech law.

The Social Contract of Open Source

In which I use a recent event to explain the social contract of Open Source and argue that companies violate the social contract more than FOSS maintainers.

Is It Even Worth Working on FOSS Anymore?

With companies taking advantage of Free and Open Source Software far more often than they contribute back, and harming users in the process, is it even worth working on anymore?

SAINTCON: Nevermore

SAINTCON medically discriminates, so I will never attend again.

I Am Terminating My Campaign

Due to personal limitations, I am ending my campaign for Governor of Utah.