Let Me Cure Your Impostor Syndrome

A fun and lighthearted post about just how incompetent I am.

An Apology to the Gentoo Authors

I made several mistakes with a PR to the Gentoo authors. I need to apologize.

The Most Annoying Math Problem

There is one math problem I want solved. It annoys me.

AI Evangelists Scare Me

In which I learn that AI evangelists only care about bringing forth their version of Utopia.

Rust Is Dead to Me

I used to think Rust was okay, just fun for me. Turns out that I would not be welcome in any Rust event.

Programming Will Always Use Text

A Reddit discussion leads to an assertion that programming will always use text. Here's why.

Justifying a Backwards Design Decision for Yao

I just made a design decision for Yao, my programming language, that most would consider a return to the 1970's. Here's my justification.

Why I Use C When I Believe in Memory Safety

I am using C for a professional project. I believe in memory safety. Yes, I'm a hypocrite, but please, let me explain.

Make the Leap Second First-Class: An Open Letter to the International Telecommunication Union

The CGPM voted to do away with the leap second. That's a mistake. Here's what I think we should do instead.