A Letter to Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds expressed his opinion about COVID-19 vaccines, so I thought I would answer him.

Software Developers Are the Problem and the Solution

Software is eating the world and making it worse. Software developers are to blame. But we can also fix it.

Israel Is Not an Apartheid State

There are many lies about Israel. In my opinion, this is one of them.

Tyranny Close to Home

If you thought it was "just a mask," this is proof you were wrong.

A Second Letter to Utah Governor Spencer Cox

This is a letter I wrote to Spencer Cox, the current Utah Governor, responding to comments he made in a Twitter Q&A on April 15.

How to Change a Society

Do you want to change society for the better? Have you wondered how to do it? This is how.

Counting Words in C with Yc

Ben Hoyt compared programming languages, and the only language without a hashmap was C. Let's see how a hashmap in C would actually do.

My First Programs

I thought that I would share the first programs I ever wrote with the world.

A dc Script for Easter

Someone reported a bug with my dc. The script that found the bug was so fascinating, I decided to share it, along with some tips for reading and debugging dc code.