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I have been thinking about the attention economy lately.

Our attention is now a scarce resource, and I have been particularly feeling it; I have been trying track how I use my time at least informally and start to use my time more wisely.

I have also been thinking about how starting a YouTube channel will only make attention even scarcer, even if only a little. And my channel isn’t even meant to be educational!

After my last post, I feel like, if I contributed to the scarcity of attention with nothing educational when I could be doing other things, I would be somewhat of a hypocrite; I would be, in effect, stealing attention because I know better, and I could do better!

Another thing has been on my mind: COPPA and what it means for content creators on YouTube.

My content is intentionally aimed to be “family friendly,” which means that an unelected bureaucrat could label my videos as “for kids.” This would open me up to a $42,000 fine per video, and I don’t even make money off of YouTube yet!

So I have made a decision that will kill two birds with one stone: I will not make a YouTube channel, unless it is to educate. I will remove all of my videos, on all of my channels, to prevent fines. I will also focus on creating other things that may be valuable to other people.

I will make things people need and do things that need to be done.