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The political atmosphere in the United States is getting more and more precarious, if that wasn’t obvious.

In situations like this, there is one of two things that can happen: first, a spark incites civil unrest. That is the first thing that can happen.

Another option is that it calms down, but I don’t think that will happen in this case because there are two sides with completely opposed ideas, and one is violent and considers anyone on the opposite side to be evil.

And in case it isn’t clear, using violence against enemies without provocation is, itself, evil.

If the civil unrest happens, or even if it doesn’t, another thing that can happen is some strong man (or woman) appears to solve the problem. In history, such a strong man is usually fomenting the unrest in order to have cause to take control. And when he does take control, he basically asks people to give up their liberty for security.

If that happens, don’t take it; it’s a false trade because you will lose both.


Obviously, if you give up liberty, you will be oppressed. But oppression is dangerous for dictators because it makes people unhappy, so they must be sure to make it clear to the people that opposing their regime is dangerous. And “opposing the regime” could include any number of behaviors, including ones that used to be considered normal.

Oh, and dictatorships love to use the people to rat out on each other. So nobody is safe.

This means that it’s not safe or secure to live in a dictatorship. But the dictator promised security!

This is why it’s a false promise. Don’t buy it.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

Benjamin Franklin

And they will lose both.