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In the last post, I talked about how chastity enables you to control your sexual appetite, and thus, prevent it from controlling you. That is an example of a general principle: free yourself from, and stay away from, addiction.

Any addiction is simply an appetite that controls its victim, whether it is an addiction to food, pornography, drugs, alcohol, or anything else.

And in the Last Days, it will be essential to be able to control ourselves and our appetites. If we don’t, then others can control us through them and perhaps manage to persuade us to do evil things.

This must not happen.

Free yourself from addiction. Seek help, even if you think it’s unnecessary. If it needs to be ecclesiastical support, or professional therapy, or even friendship among those who also have the same addiction, make it happen.

Spend every last ounce of your free time and energy fighting the addiction because it is a fight for your life, both temporally and spiritually.