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The last post was about addiction; this post will be about one way to avoid it: maintaining relationships.

From what little research I have read, it is a good idea to maintain healthy relationships with, and stay connected to, family and friends. That’s because feeling lonely can actually hurt.

To be honest, I would not even be writing this post if it were not for the fact that COVID-19 has made “social distancing” a household phrase. There is a problem with that phrase: it is a bad label.

You see, the experts are really telling us to physically distance ourselves from others, but the phrase subconsciously suggests that we socially distance ourselves as well. This is not good.

Humans are social animals, and I say that as a wannabe hermit; if I wasn’t wise enough to know better, I would spend my days completely alone. But as anti-social as I am, I know that I need relationships to be healthy.

And that’s the key: if we are healthy, we are less prone to addiction. So keep your friends and family around. Get together, even if over the Internet.

Make sure you take care of yourself socially.