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The most common command that God and angels give when speaking directly to man, at least in the scriptures, is “fear not.” And there is good reason for that.

One common thread through all of these posts is avoiding deception. This post is no exception because fear is an effective motivator to make good people do bad things.

A family was in Taiwan when the coronavirus came. They were, in fact, just leaving, but their flight was canceled. As they were traveling back to their hotel on the MRT, one lady started yelling at them that they were going to infect everyone and telling others to avoid them. Obviously, they were not going to infect anyone, but fear was what drove that woman to assume the worst.

Fear can drive us to do things that we otherwise would not do, so in the Last Days, conspiring men will use fear to control us and convince us to do evil things.

If we have fear, they can affect us in the next life. If we do not fear them or what they can do, they can only affect us in this one.

Fear not, no matter what men may do.

Instead, have charity, for “perfect love casteth out fear.”