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tl;dr: I have a list of businesses that I will not do business with anymore because they are petty tyrants.

Call it pandemic fatigue or call it subversive rebellion, I am sick of obeying the tyranny of stupidity forced on us by our “overlords” who don’t even follow their own rules.

I am also sick of businesses forcing me to wear a mask to have the privilege of giving them my money.

So from here on out, insofar as I can, I am going to refuse to do business with such businesses, and I am going to name them.

Naming these businesses is only for the reason of encouraging them to put off the tyranny of stupidity by voting with our money. Under NO circumstances should anyone commit crimes or violence against these businesses.

First, I am going to call such businesses “Petty Tyrant Businesses” (PTB’s). And those that do not meet the qualifications below, I will call “Liberty-Loving Businesses” (LLB’s).

Second, how do I figure out which businesses are PTB’s?

Easy: I walk into the business without a mask on (but one in my pocket) and conduct business normally. If I don’t get confronted, I never put on the mask, and I put that business on the LLB list. If I get confronted, I sigh and put on the mask, but I also put the business on the PTB list.

A business on the LLB list can be moved to the PTB list by one instance of petty tyranny, but they can only be moved to the LLB list once they remove all of their signs requiring a mask.

And if they confront me even without signs requiring a mask, they are permanently on the list of PTB’s.

In other words, it’s easy to get on the PTB list and hard to get off of it.

Third, how do I treat PTB’s?

I only do as much business as necessary with them. If they only sell non-essential goods or services, I don’t do business with them, period. If they sell essential goods or services, like groceries, I only buy what I have to and actively search for LLB alternatives. If I find one, I use that business instead, even if it is more expensive.

I might still be forced to use PTB’s for budget reasons, but if I am buying less non-essential goods and services, I will probably have more room in the budget to support LLB’s.

I have a repository with my list and links to lists created by others.

You are welcome to submit a Pull Request with a link to your own list. If I approve, I will add it.