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This is a list of possible amendments to the Constitution of the United States that I think might be a good idea.

  • Amendment saying that courts only have the power of veto. This can be a line-item veto, unlike the straight veto given to the President, but courts must not have a positive power. This is to prevent judicial activism.

  • Amendment guaranteeing the right of jury nullification. This is to remind the courts that the people, not the courts, are the true interpreters of the law. See this link, footnote 1.

  • Amendment giving the people or the states the right of being the court of final resort, not the Supreme Court. This is also about reminding the courts that the people are the true interpreters of the law.

  • Amendment giving judges jurisdiction on cases of law only, but juries jurisdiction on cases of law and fact. This is also to put courts in their place.

  • Amendment guaranteeing the right to a jury in any criminal or civil case.

  • Amendment saying that the Bill of Rights cannot be infringed by any entity providing a service for which there is not an equivalent alternative.

  • Amendment requiring that only citizens can vote, and only after proving their citizenship. If done by mail, they must prove their address before every vote.

  • Amendment requiring the Federal Government to keep money on a sound basis, like gold or silver.

  • Amendment requiring a flat tax or none at all. Duties, tariffs, and sales taxes are also okay.

  • Amendment outlawing property taxes.

  • Amendment explicitly stating that executive orders or regulations imposed by agencies of the Executive Branch are not laws until added to the USC explicitly by Congress.

  • Amendment mandating that each branch cannot shun their responsibilities, nor delegate their powers to any entity in any of the other branches or any private entities. This is mostly to make sure Congress does its job.

  • Amendment requiring grand juries to start prosecution of Federal crimes? I am not sure about this one, but I think it would help prevent selective enforcement of crimes being used as a tool against political enemies.

  • Amendment prohibiting political parties? I am also not sure about this one, but George Washington preached against them in his Farewell Address, and it turns out he was right.