So I just started writing a build system.

Yes, a build system. Don’t @ me.

It’s because I have a personal vendetta against CMake and need a build system that works on all platforms.

Unfortunately, as in every endeavor I try, I make a lot of stupid mistakes.

So it goes that I reported a bug to the musl mailing that was entirely my fault. I was called out publicly, and my response when I finally realized was,

Well, I am a fool.

I should have said that a lot earlier.

What actually happened is that somewhere in the bowels of my platform-abstracting code, I happened to call the wrong function. I had checked the call, but most of my programming is done late at night thanks to my life situation, so I guess I was too tired to catch it.

Anyway, this short blog post is a mea culpa, a complete acceptance of the blame for getting something wrong and a sort of public apology to the musl folks for my stupidity.

I’m sorry.