Assumed Audience: No one; this is just a celebration post!

Epistemic Status: Happy!

For legal reasons, I had to search GitHub for a previous email of mine, and by accident, I came across this.

This is Apple’s Open Source Software Distributions. It appears to be Apple’s distribution of the software they ship with the default install because it links here, Apple’s Open Source releases.

Well, if you dig into the bc/ directory in the first link, you see this. This is something I recognize right away: it’s my bc!

It’s old, though; version 4.0.2 against the latest of 6.2.4.

According to the second link, my bc was first shipped with the first version of Mac OSX 13.0 Ventura, so only a few months ago.

My bc had previously been accepted into FreeBSD. It’s default or equal with the GNU bc in several small Linux distros and one major one (Gentoo).

Getting shipped with Mac OSX is the next step toward conquering all platforms.

This makes me so happy!

From the Mac OSX release history, Mac OSX versions appear to be supported for three years, so in three years, my bc should be in the majority of Mac OSX installs, which would make my bc the most widely-deployed bc in the world!

Unless you count the GNU bc installs on the major Linux distros used in the Windows Subsystem for Linux.

Now to conquer the major Linux distros…