You can email me at: <my_first_name>@<this_website>.

Hire Me

I do freelance work making websites and designing logos.


Need help building a website?

I make lean static websites. Here are some examples:

Logos and Icons

I have designed several logos and icons.

  • My personal logo:

    My personal logo

  • My old personal logo:

    My old personal logo

  • A car company-style logo which also shows my skill in making a 3D logo:

    A car company-style logo

  • A logo for Yao:

    A logo for Yao

  • A logo for a never-finished software project:

    A logo for a never-finished software project

  • A logo for Yzena:

    A logo for Yzena

  • A logo for Enverge:

    A logo for Enverge