The Anti-Coercion Pledge

Governments and companies are coercing people to get the COVID vaccines. This is my pushback.

Comments on Cosmopolitan and Culture

There is a software project called Cosmopolitan. I had a discussion with its creator on, but it was deleted. So I am going to recreate it here and talk about what I learned from that discussion and what kind of culture I want around my software.

The Slippery Slope Is Not a Fallacy: Apple and CSAM, and How to Defend Against Presumers

Apple now scans for CSAM on users' devices. Proponents of it are saying that those of us against it are for allowing CSAM. They are either misguided or lying. Here's why, as well as how to combat them.

Projects in the Pipeline

This post has descriptions of all of the software projects I currently have in the pipeline.

My Thought Process Regarding Vaccines

Someone asked me about my thought process regarding why I chose to not get any COVID vaccine. This is what I wrote to that person.

Poisoning GitHub Copilot and Machine Learning

GitHub has made me angry again. This time, it's because they are laundering code with machine learning. To fight that, I have developed new FOSS licenses to poison their well.

The Next Free Nation

Like all nations, the United States will die. But what will rise in its place will be even better.

A Letter to Linus Torvalds

Linus Torvalds expressed his opinion about COVID-19 vaccines, so I thought I would answer him.

Software Developers Are the Problem and the Solution

Software is eating the world and making it worse. Software developers are to blame. But we can also fix it.