Dispelling AI Myths and Rhetoric

There are big interests pretending that AI is an unmitigated good when it's anything but. In this post, I try to dispel the hype.

Windows Will Die: 90 Minutes to Do 5 Minutes of Work

Poor performance means poor productivity means jumping ship. So let's speed up the process by removing barriers.

Grounded for Life: Losing the Dream of Flight

I have been grounded for life by the FAA for a history of mental illness. In this post, I explain why they were right and why I would still have been safe, as well as attempt to get closure from losing a dream.

The Importance of Courage and Confidence: More Lessons from Animes and Mangas

A random YouTube click led to anime, which then led to me learning more about important principles.

The Math of Dating Matches Guidance from Prophets

Prophets of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have given guidance about dating to the youth. It turns out that their guidance is mathematically optimal.

lobste.rs Will Become an Echo Chamber

I was banned from lobste.rs. This is why that happened and why I think Hacker News is better run.