He Who Gives Up Correctness for Performance Deserves Neither

Someone was wrong on the Internet about correctness vs performance, and I decided to vent.

Lessons Learned as a User 3: Prepare for the Future

In this third post in an ad-hoc series, I talk about why preparing for the future is critical to the survival of software.

The Scourge of 00UB

Compiler authors claim that the possibility of UB is a license to kill. They are wrong. They are not James Bond.

I Have Blocked OpenAI

OpenAI published info about its spider. I blocked it. This is why.

I Have Split My Blog

People were demanding I split my blog between personal and professional posts. I did so, and this is why.

How Yzena Versions Software

This is the versioning scheme for Yzena software, especially for the Yc monorepo.

How I Made a Monorepo

A long time ago, I made a monorepo out of several Git repos. This post is my attempt to describe what I did for future generations.

An Apology to the Gentoo Authors

I made several mistakes with a PR to the Gentoo authors. I need to apologize.

The Most Annoying Math Problem

There is one math problem I want solved. It annoys me.

AI Evangelists Scare Me

In which I learn that AI evangelists only care about bringing forth their version of Utopia.